Twitter war broke out between BJP and SP: Minister Nitin Aggarwal wrote – Aurangzeb is SP chief in the name of socialism, SP said – Are you tired by drinking raw cooked

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A Twitter war broke out between the minister of the Yogi government and the Samajwadi Party. Actually, Nitin Agarwal, MLA from Hardoi Sadar and Excise Minister in Yogi government, made a big attack on the Samajwadi Party. He tweeted and wrote that insulted father, message given to uncle… In the name of socialism Aurangzeb is Akhilesh.

SP’s counterattack

Reversing this, it was written on the Twitter handle of the Samajwadi Party, “Listen Nitin Agarwal, according to the department of which you are a minister, are you making rhetoric after drinking raw and cooked country? O meteorologist who lives all day under the influence of Sura. King’s son. This is your statement. According to this statement, you became the one who gave protection to the goons.
Excise Minister Nitin Agarwal tweeted about the SP chief.

Excise Minister Nitin Agarwal tweeted about the SP chief.

Then the minister wrote..

After this, the Minister of State wrote that the head of the party, which is called Aurangzeb, who, like Aurangzeb himself, has been disrespecting his venerable father from place to place after getting drunk and getting drunk. We expect similar language from him and his party. What would happen to the people who could not belong to their father?

The reply came from SP after the minister's tweet.

The reply came from SP after the minister’s tweet.

people are doing viral

There is a lot of discussion between Minister Nitin Agarwal and Samajwadi Party regarding this heated argument on Twitter. People are making screenshots of these tweets viral.

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