Twitter in US accused of creating threat to national security, former official complains

Complaint Against Twitter: Peter Zatko, the former security chief of Twitter, has attacked the company. He has complained that Twitter is posing a threat to national security and democracy in America. He has accused Twitter of being negligent in security practices and misleading federal regulators about it. He has also accused him of mixing up the number of Twitter bots. Bot means robot. A bot is a software program that performs automated, repeated pre-set tasks.

Peter Jatko is also known as Nick Neck Mujh. Peter has filed a complaint with the US Securities and Exchange Commission alleging errors on Twitter. Peter Jatko’s complaint, published in American media, alleges that Twitter has underestimated the number of fake and spam accounts.

Elon Musk will benefit from Jatco’s complaint!

Let us tell you that veteran businessman Elon Musk was also accused of disturbances of bots in Twitter. Musk can get relief in the case going on in the court due to Jatko’s complaint. Musk was dragged to court after the deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion was canceled. In his complaint to officials, including market watchdog Securities and Exchange Commission, Jatco has accused Twitter of negligence, willful ignorance and endangering national security and democracy.

Twitter said this

Twitter has said Jatko was fired due to poor job performance and leadership, the same man now trying to hide obsolete servers, computer software vulnerable to attacks and the number of hacking attempts by executives—the company’s board of directors. alleging to do.

“What we have seen so far is a false narrative about Twitter and our privacy and data protection practices that is riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies and lacks significant context,” Twitter said in a counter-attack.

Jatko also alleged

Jatco also alleged that Twitter prioritizes increasing its user base. The Jatakas accused Twitter and its CEO Parag Agarwal of making untrue statements about the account number. He said that if accurate information ever becomes public, it will damage the company’s image and valuation.

Jatco’s complaint argues that while Twitter reports a number of users that can be reached by advertising, the actual number of accounts is not disclosed, the actual number of spam bots effectively unknown to the public. Is.

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