Travel options in India and abroad that pet lovers can consider for pet relocations

Naturally, if you have pets, your love for them is closer to that of your family and those who have a close bond with animals know how much enchantment they can add to our lives via their unfailing love and affection. Moving with your pets may be psychologically painful, whether you are doing so locally or across the country.

Pets can be relocated by rail, air, or road and et relocation services are also available for individuals who cannot relocate or travel with their pets due to time constraints or other reasons. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Aamir Islam, Co-Founder of Carry My Pet, advised, “For domestic pet relocations depending on the distance, pet parents can either choose to relocate their pets by road, train or flights.”

He added, “Flights are a convenient option to relocate pets as it is less cumbersome compared to other modes. You can cover long distances in a shorter time on flights. Before choosing any travel options, be mindful of the destination, rules to be considered for that particular mode, weather conditions, your pet’s capabilities to adapt, etc.”

Suggesting travel options that pet lovers can consider for pet relocations, Sainadh Duvvuru, Co-Founder and CBO of HappyLocate, recommended:

1. In Indian Railways, majority of pets are transported as cargo and only AC first class travellers are allowed to travel with pets in Indian train.

2. Pets are welcome to fly with domestic carriers including Air India, Spicejet, and Vistara. However, overseas travel requires more planning than domestic travel, including a pet passport and certificates of good health.

3. The most secure and convenient choice for your pet’s move is via road. In contrast to the other options, a pet may feel safer when travelling to a location by vehicle because they can be taken outside for shorter walks or quick breaks whenever necessary.

4. Pet owners can get help from pet transportation companies with all the planning from beginning to end, to make sure their animals travel across the country securely and comfortably. The logistics of driving or flying are taken care of, climate-controlled vehicles are provided and pets are cared for at all times, which is the main benefit of choosing a professional pet relocation company.

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