Thrown lottery ticket after scratching, then an Indian got Rs 7.25 crore

Lottery Ticket: In Massachusetts, America, a lottery ticket was thrown away by a woman considering it to be worthless, a prize of Rs 7.25 crore came out on the same ticket. A Massachusetts woman bought a lottery ticket from Abhi Shah, who runs an Indian-origin store. Scratched it and then threw it. The woman threw the ticket thinking that there was no reward on her.

Actually, Abhi Shah of Indian origin lives with his family in Southwick and runs a store there. He told that a woman named Fiega bought the ticket from him and scratched it inside the store and handed it over to his mother. Then Fiega asked his mother to throw the ticket away. Fiega and his mother left after throwing away the ticket.

$10 million bounty on discarded ticket

Fiega and his mother left after throwing away the ticket, 10 days after that Abhi Shah started checking the worthless lottery ticket once again. When he saw Fiega’s discarded ticket, he found that he had not even scratched that ticket completely. After this, Shah scratched the same ticket again and found that there is a reward of 10 million dollars on that ticket.

Then what happened, only an Indian can do it.

Whatever happened after this, only an Indian can do it. Abhi Shah’s father Mounish Shah told that after this incident he could not sleep for two nights. Abhi then talked to his grandparents who live in India. He said that we do not want to return the money to which it belongs. Abhi Shah informed Fiega about this and returned the lottery ticket to him. After this incident, Fiega started crying like a child.

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