Three came Corona positive including Farrukhabad ACMO: Number of active cases reached 45 in the district

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Corona infection increasing.

Corona infection is increasing in Farrukhabad. Now two other corona positives including ACMO have come. With this the number of positive patients has increased to 45.

Three girl students came to Corona positive at ANM Center in Old District Hospital of Fatehgarh. On this, when ACMO Dr. Honey got the investigation done, he also came out positive. After this the girls in the hostel got scared. During this, 15 girls went away on Saturday evening itself. Now there are eight girl students left in the hostel. Whereas in the report on Sunday, a middle-aged resident of Jaunapur and a youth resident of Mehmadpur, including ACMO, were found infected.
CMO Dr Avanindra Kumar.

CMO Dr Avanindra Kumar.

More than nine hundred investigations are being done every day

CMO Dr Avanindra Kumar said that 900 to 950 people are being tested for corona daily in the district. Said that the person who comes positive. He is home isolated. He said that at present there are 45 active cases in the district. Two of them are in the hospital. While 43 is home isolated.

Corona positive came in a week

on August 21- 9

on 22nd Aug-5

-6 on 23 August

August 24 – 3

25 Aug-11

26 Aug-7

27 Aug-3

28 Aug-3

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