Threat to Sant Niranjan Das of Dera Ballan: Warning not to preach religion abroad; Call suspected to come from Kapurthala Jail

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His followers welcoming Sant Niranjan Das abroad

After the murder of famous singer Sidhu Moosewala of Punjab, the process of getting threatening calls from common people to VVIP people is not stopping. In this episode, now a new name of Sant Niranjan Das of Dera Ballan has also been added. The saint of Dera Ballan has also received threats over the phone like other people. It is suspected that this call came from Kapurthala jail. Although a search operation was conducted in the jail later, but nothing came of it.

Jail Superintendent Iqbal Singh told that he keeps checking the cells of the prisoners in the jail in routine anyway. Mobiles are also often caught in jail. But the jail administration cannot find out that the threatening call went from jail. For this, the police can find its location by putting the mobile number on surveillance.

Do not preach religion abroad

The threatening chaotic element has threatened Sant Niranjan Das of Dera Ballan that when he goes abroad, he will not go there and propagate religion. Dera Sachkhand Ballan Trust has given a complaint to SSP Dehat Swarnadeep Singh after receiving threatening calls to the head of the Dera. These days the saints of the camp are in Spain on a foreign tour. After this he will go to Germany, France and Netherlands for religious gatherings. The dera has complained to the police administration asking them to write a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs to provide them security there.

informed security agencies

SSP Dehat Swarnadeep Singh said that he has received a complaint about threatening calls to the saint of Dera Sachkhand Ballan. He is investigating it closely. He said that a message has been sent to Indian agencies to ensure their safety abroad as well.

Representatives of different organizations associated with Ravidassia society dedicated to Dera Sachkhand Ballan have expressed concern about the security of Sant Niranjan Das abroad.

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