THOMSON launches four washing machines simultaneously at an initial price of Rs 7490, know the features

THOMSON Washing Machine: Thomson has introduced its new range of washing machines in the Indian market. THOMSON has simultaneously launched four new semi automatic washing machines, which include models in 6.5Kg, 8kg, 9kg and 10kg. The sale of all these washing machines of THOMSON has started from the e-commerce website Flipkart. THOMSON company has claimed that all washing machines of THOMSON are ‘Made in India’. All these washing machines have been made in India itself. Although this claim is from the company’s side. Let us know about the price and features of these machines.

THOMSON SA96500N Washing Machine Price

The starting price of THOMSON’s SA96500N washing machine is Rs 7,490. Its semi-automatic SA96500N machine, which weighs 6.5kg, costs Rs 7,490. While the 8kg variant of THOMSON SA98000G costs Rs 8,999, the 9kg variant of THOMSON SA99000G costs Rs 10,499 and the 10kg variant of THOMSON SA91000G costs Rs 12,499.

THOMSON SA96500N Washing Machine Features

  • If we talk about the features, then all these washing machines of THOMSON have been given twin water inlets.
  • THOMSON SA96500N Washing Machine has 10 water level selector.
  • Automatic balance controller has been given in THOMSON SA96500N Washing Machine.
  • The facility of automatic power supply cut off is also provided in the THOMSON SA96500N washing machine.
  • Along with this, features like tube clean, air dry, water recycling are also available in this washing machine.
  • All washing machines come with a plastic body.

THOMSON completes four years in the Indian market

Let us tell you that this year THOMSON has completed its four years in the Indian market. THOMSON’s entry into the Indian market took place in 2018 with the launch of the TV. After that the company has even launched air conditioners.

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