This bulb of Rs 595 is great, works non-stop even after power failure

Rechargable LED Bulb: LED bulbs are commonly used in most of the homes in India. LED bulbs offer good lighting using less power. Although these bulbs are turned off as soon as the power goes out, but do you know that now such bulbs have come in the market which keep burning for hours even after the power goes out. These are rechargeable LED bulbs. These are also called inverter bulbs. These are trending a lot in the market. Today we are going to tell you about one such bulb, whose name is Halonix Prime 12W B22 Inverter Rechargebale Emergency led Bulb.

Halonix Prime 12W B22 Inverter rechargebale Emergency led Bulb

You can buy Helonix Prime 12W B22 Inverter Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb from Amazon. If we talk about its price, then customers can buy it for just Rs 595. Its cost is almost double when compared to the normal LED bulb, but they are much better than the normal LED bulb. It can provide you light for hours. This LED bulb is so great that it stays on for almost 4 hours after the power goes out. In such a situation, you can use them in times of emergency. The special thing is that this type of bulb does not even need to be charged separately. They keep on charging themselves.

Features of Rechargable LED Bulb

If we talk about the features, then this bulb is capable of giving continuous lighting backup for 4 hours during power cuts. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery, which takes 8-10 hours to charge. Apart from this, this 12W inverter gets charged automatically when the emergency LED bulb is kept on. It can be used in your home, retail outlets, hospital, in your drawing room and bathroom. In this you also get 6 months warranty.

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