These Bigg Boss stars were shocked on the death of Sonali Phogat, Jasmine could not stop the tears

Celebs Reaction On Sonali Phogat Demise: Actress, Tiktok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat has passed away. Due to a heart attack, Sonali said goodbye to the world untimely. She was a part of Bigg Boss season 14. This show brought him popularity from house to house. Celebrities who were her fellow contestants inside the house in Bigg Boss season 14 have mourned the death of Sonali. Many TV celebs, including TV stars Jasmine Bhasin, Pavitra Punia, Arshi Khan, expressed grief over Sonali’s death.

Jasmine said she left too soon

TV celebs including her fans were also surprised to hear the news of Sonali’s sudden departure from the world. Sonali used to remain in the headlines due to her social media posts. TV actress Jasmine Bhasin has expressed grief over the sudden passing of Sonali. Jasmine said, “I can’t believe that she is no more with us, Sonali was a strong woman, a very sweet and happy person. Somebody leaves like this. Everyone has left too soon.”

Jasmine told that, she has been in touch with Sonali even after the Bigg Boss show, Sonali was a single parent and was very worried about taking care of her daughter. Sonali’s sudden demise is like a nightmare for Jasmine. They will need time to recover from this.

Pavitra looked upset for Sonali’s daughter

Pavitra Punia, who was a contestant with Sonali in Bigg Boss, gave a shocking reaction on Sonali’s death. She said- “This is very bad news, my heart is getting restless with this news, I am thinking of his young daughter who has lost both her parents. She is a very sweet child. I love her. It hurts even more. Sonali always used to talk about her daughter in the Big Boss house.”

Sonali used to treat Arshi Khan like a daughter

Arshi Khan, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss, was also surprised to hear the news of Sonali’s death. She said- When I came to know about this news, I was shocked, I still can not believe that she is no longer with us. She was my bed partner in the show and used to make my hair. She used to say that- You are like my daughter Yashodhara. I apologized to him after the show. On 7th August she contacted me that she is coming to Mumbai to meet me. We haven’t met for a long time, but now when this news comes, I am very sad.”

Ali Goni did not know

Bigg Boss fame star and TV actor Ali Goni also expressed shock over Sonali’s death. He asked the media several times whether he was talking about the death of Bigg Boss contestant Sonali Phogat? Ali was so shocked by this news that he could not even react.

Sonali Phogat was very active on social media, which is why she has 880k followers on Instagram. She used to stay connected with fans on social media. Sonali’s reel videos and pictures became fiercely viral after becoming a candidate in the Haryana Assembly elections.

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