The story of the triple murder that shocked Guna…: Angry with mother’s illicit relationship, a minor had killed three; Read the full story…

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  • Angry Over Mother’s Illicit Relationship, The Minor Had Killed Three; Read The Full Story…

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The court’s decision has come in Guna’s famous triple murder case. In the year 2017, a minor had committed three serial murders. In this his mother and friend also supported him. The three murders took place on different days. To hide the secret of one murder, two more murders were committed. After five years, the verdict has come in this case, the court has sentenced the minor accused (now adult) to life imprisonment. His mother’s case is going on in the sessions court. This was the case when the whole city was shaken by three serial murders. What was the whole matter, read…

The whole story started when 17-year-old Hemant, the only son of Antar Singh Meena, posted in the Irrigation Department, became a victim of conspiracy. He had left home with 40 thousand rupees to buy a second-hand bike. After that he disappeared. On the second day itself, the father raised doubts on the woman Poonam Dubey and her minor son. The father told that his son had left with his friend with money. The police started the investigation by registering a missing person on the complaint of the father.

Guna police became alert when Hemant’s ransom call came. Actually, Hemant was robbed by his minor friend. With the help of mother and another accomplice snatched 40 thousand rupees from Hemant and killed him by slitting his throat and hand and burnt the dead body to destroy the evidence. The whole incident took place in front of Khejra, where Hemant was killed by bottling the beer. He was hit twice in the head with a bottle and then his throat was slit with a piece of glass. To destroy the evidence, his body was burnt with petrol among the bushes.
Three people were killed, including Hemant, Lokesh and Hrithik.

Three people were killed, including Hemant, Lokesh and Hrithik.

Story rotate Gave greed

To turn this story of murder, the minor’s mother, Poonam lured her friends Lokesh and Hrithik to not tell anything to anyone, you will also have a share of the ransom money. Gave the mobile of the deceased Hemant to Hrithik and told him to go away from Guna to Indore and threaten Antar Singh that your son is in our possession and talk to him about a ransom of 50 lakhs. So that the attention of the police shifts from Guna to Indore. The idea to destroy the evidence and divert the police investigation came to him from the show Savdhaan India.

Accused Poonam.

Accused Poonam.

Indore From got it done Phone, stake sought So Both Friends To Kill inserted

After going to Indore, Hrithik asked for a ransom of 50 lakhs from Hemant’s phone, then the father said yes to the message. When he reached the police, the police took him to Indore on the location trace. Meanwhile, Hrithik has come to the fold. He had a dispute with Lokesh. Lokesh started saying that I want my share in the ransom now, otherwise I will tell the whole story to the police. After this, Poonam’s minor son and another friend took Lokesh to the forest of Negma by making him sit on the Activa. There Lokesh was also killed and his body was burnt. Since Hrithik had learned about the two murders, he also killed him to get out of the way.

This way Hui Hrithik Of identity

On May 27, 2017 at 07:30 in the morning, the complainant Mintoo was walking on foot to Patel Nagar to take the labor of bricks from the railway tracks. As soon as he came near the culvert of Patel Nagar railway track, he saw that there was a crowd under the culvert. He came under the culvert and saw the half-burnt body of an unknown person lying. Whose information was given on 100 number. An unidentified person tied a cloth on the face of the deceased, beat him to death and tried to hide his identity. The police established the route. During the investigation, the Aadhar card kept of Hrithik Namdev was found and the process of identification of the dead body was done.

Police’s theory changed after Lokesh’s body was found

Earlier, the police believed that his friend Lokesh Lodha was behind these murders, but after finding the burnt body of Lokesh too, the police theory changed. After Lokesh found Hrithik’s body, the police came to know that Hemant had also been murdered. Meanwhile, when Poonam’s character was investigated, she also looked suspicious. After the body of Hrithik was found, the accused were strictly interrogated, then these people confessed to killing three youths one after the other. Poonam, her son and friend were made accused. He confessed that the day Hemant went missing, he had snatched 40 thousand rupees.

Accused Poonam alias Pakka in the custody of the police.

Accused Poonam alias Pakka in the custody of the police.

Poonam has son Of friend To framed

According to Guna police, Poonam had first implicated her son’s friend Hemant. She also started ordering jewelry and money from his house. Hemant’s mother’s earrings were also mortgaged to jewelers Rakesh Soni for Rs 25,000. The police confiscated them. According to the police, the accused Poonam had a good friendship with Hemant. This thing was passing his son exasperated and also became a reason for Hemant’s death. Poonam told the police that after Hemant’s murder, its secret should not be revealed, for this reason two more friends of his were hiding.

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