The speed of the car became the death…: The car collided with the railing at the speed, the airbags even opened but could not save Jingdi, soldier died

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  • The Car Collided With The Railing At High Speed, Even The Airbags Opened But Could Not Save Jingdi, Soldier Died

Gwalior5 minutes ago

Home Guard soldier who lost his life in road accident

  • – Late night accident

The speed of the car became a death in Gwalior. A luxury car coming from the station to Phulbagh was running at a speed of about 100 kmph. Suddenly the car became uncontrollable and while leaving the road, it collided with the railing and pole of Ambedkar Park. The car was at such a speed at the time of the accident that the face of the car turned back in the same direction from which it was coming.

The airbags also opened as soon as the collision occurred, but could not save the life of the driver. The young Home Guard soldier who was driving the car died on the spot, while the friend sitting in front was seriously injured. The injured have been admitted to the hospital. Police have started investigation after sending the soldier’s body for post-mortem.

Damaged car parked after accident outside Phoolbagh Ambedkar Park

this is the whole matter
Nitin alias Nitendra Yadav, 33 years old resident of Kailash Nagar, Bahodapur, son Ramesh Yadav is a Home Guard soldier. After having dinner at around 11 pm on Tuesday night, the station left for Bajaria. There was some work at station Bajaria. After completing the work he was on his way back home with friend Vishal Kushwaha. The car number MP07 CK-3063 was being driven by Home Guard soldier Nitin. Nitin’s car was at high speed as soon as he left the station. He had just reached Phulbagh that suddenly Nitin lost control when the speed of the car increased. The car left the main road and reached the sidewalk. The car first hit a stubble of a cut tree on the pavement and then rammed into the nets of Ambedkar Park after hitting an iron pole. Both Nitin and Vishal were seriously injured in the accident. Immediately the people passing by informed the police. Both were rushed to the hospital with the help of an ambulance, but Home Guard soldier Nitin had already died, while Vishal Kushwaha’s condition remains critical.
The speed was so much that even airbags could not save lives.
The collision was so strong that the car’s airgags opened and the car spun in the same direction as it was going after colliding. Even after opening the airbags, both the youths sitting in the car could not protect themselves. Both were seriously injured in which Home Guard soldier Nitin died. The police suspect that the driver of the car was intoxicated, but nothing can be said in the post-mortem report.
Just returned from Jabalpur a few days ago after training.
33-year-old Nitin alias Nitendra Yadav was a soldier in the Home Guard. He died in the accident on Wednesday. Nitin has just returned from Jabalpur training a few days back.
police call
Police station in-charge Vivek Asthana says that the speeding car collided with the railing of Ambedkar Park. A home guard jawan has died in the accident. One of his friends is injured.

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