The private jet kept circling all over Europe, finally fell into the sea

Germany Baltic Sea: A private jet flying to Germany kept circling all of Europe and when its oil ran out, it crashed in the sea of ​​Latvia. There were 4 people on this plane. It was a private jet that was supposed to land in Germany, but due to a loss of communication, it traveled all over Europe and eventually fell into the sea.

The Latvian Civil Aviation Agency has said in a statement that this private jet was flying between Spain and Cologne, but when it changed its route, air traffic controllers lost contact with this plane. According to the German newspaper Bild, the plane reported shortly after takeoff that there was a pressure problem in the cabin.

attempt to contact jet

Swedish Search and Rescue Operations officer Lars Antonsen said fighter jets from Germany, Denmark and Sweden tried to contact the crew in the air but they did not see anyone. This plane was from Austria, with the registration number Cessna 551, this plane took off in Swedish airspace at 8 pm before crashing into the sea.

Accident after running out of fuel

The plane flew relatively stable until approaching the Latvian coast. After this it runs out of fuel and crashes into the sea. It is not yet known where the 4 people who were on this plane were from. German media says that apart from a pilot, there were three other people in this plane who belonged to the same family, including a man, a woman and his daughter.

rescue work underway

On this matter, the Latvian aviation agency has said that rescue teams with boats and helicopters from Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden are working at the accident site. Apart from this, information has also been received that no human remains have been found from the spot. It is not yet known what caused this jet to lose its way.

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