The murderer turned out to be the subject of the podcast, had killed his wife in the desire of second marriage

Teacher’s Pet Podcast: He kept saying that my wife has left me and for 40 years some people also thought the same. But now the truth has come out. A teacher named Chris Dawson of Australia was the subject of a famous crime podcast Teacher’s Pet Podcast, and this podcast has brought him to jail bars. In 1982, Chris Dawson was being tried in a Sydney court on the basis of speculation about the disappearance of his wife Lynette. Lynette’s body was never recovered. Because of this, all the evidence in this case was based only on circumstances.

Lynette went missing from Sydney’s house in 1982

Lynette Dawson, a 33-year-old mother of two, went missing from her Sydney home in January 1982. After this the police have not got any clue of him. After his disappearance, two separate investigations concluded that he was murdered by a person who knew him. But until the podcast investigated the matter, prosecutors had said there was not enough evidence to charge Chris. Taking advantage of all this, Chris kept saying that at the end of the week in January 1982, his wife had called him and told that he needed some time for himself. Even after this many times his wife’s phone calls came to him.

Chris’s defense teen tried to divert the investigation. After the disappearance of Mrs Dawson, the team told that they had seen 5 people near her house. On this basis, the team said that Mrs Dawson would be alive even after January 1982. But prosecutors argued that efforts to annul the marriage had not been successful, prompting Chris to commit the murder. Earlier, he had also hired a heatman to kill his wife and tried to start a new life with Jesse in Queensland, but all his efforts went in vain.

Justice Harrison rejected Hitman’s claim on Tuesday, alleging that Dawson physically abused his wife Lynette and abused her. The judge found that Mrs Dawson loved her children and her husband dearly. The judge said that even after Lynette went missing, all her property was found at her home. Even the lenses of his eyes were found in a blue container among the things he used. The judge also said that he had not contacted any of his friends and family since Lynette Dawson’s disappearance. Taking into account all the circumstantial evidence, Justice Harrison said he had “no doubt” that Dawson had indeed killed his wife and dismembered her body.

Under suspicion from the podcast

It was the Teacher’s Pet Podcast that brought the matter to the attention of the whole world. As a result, the investigation of this case started afresh and in the year 2018, teacher Chris Dawson was accused of killing his wife. However, 74-year-old Dawson continued to deny killing his wife. He went on to say that his wife Lynette may have abandoned him and their children to join a religious group. His argument could not go on before the judge on Tuesday. In his ruling on Tuesday, New South Wales Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison said the evidence against Dawson was “concrete and convincing”.

Justice Ian Harrison found that teacher Chris was obsessed with the teenage baby sitter. For legal reasons, this baby sitter is known as JC. Chris wanted to bring this baby sitter instead of his wife. Justice Harrison said that Dawson had become increasingly frustrated because her previous plans to leave the marriage had failed and Jesse wanted to end her relationship with him. Judge Harrison said, “I agree that Mr Dawson was so distressed, dismayed, at the thought of losing him (Jesse) that he finally decided to kill his wife, Lynette, at the thought of it.” However, the date of punishment has not been decided yet. Dawson’s lawyer has indicated he may appeal the sentence.

Chris Dawson was shocked to hear the verdict

As soon as Justice Ian Harrison of the New South Wales Supreme Court gave his verdict against Chris Dawson, Chris’s face turned pale with fear. Chris Dawson appeared in shock as he stepped into the elevator on the 13th floor of the courtroom with his older brother, Peter, and their lawyer during a pause in the judge’s deliberations. After 40 years, the mystery and tragedy of Lynette Dawson’s disappearance is finally solved. Judge Harrison confirmed his guilt in his ruling, calling Chris Dawson’s defense statements “absurd” and “fictitious”. After the verdict, the former teacher was taken away by handcuffing Chris. Justice Harrison’s lengthy judgment finally exposed his lies and deceit.

The eyes of the Lynette family were deceived on the decision

When the verdict was given in the court to convict Chris Dawson, his family members started gasping. At the same time, there were tears in the eyes of the relatives of Lynette Dawson, who were sitting quietly nearby. Lynette Dawson’s brother Greg Simms said that what the court is confirming today. His family members had known that for many years. An emotional Sims said of her sister Lynette, “She loved her family and never left her family by her side. Despite this, my sister’s trust was betrayed by a man who did not,” Sims said. The one she loved. She appeals to her sister’s husband, Chris Dawson, to finally behave like a decent person and let us bring Lynette home to a peaceful rest. Sims says my sister’s body He should get the dignity he deserves.

Journalist Hadley Thomas’ podcast brings justice to Lynette

When Australian journalist Hedley Thomas started investigating the matter in the crime-based podcast The Teacher’s Pet, the matter caught the attention of the whole world. Thomas received journalism’s highest honor for this podcast. His podcast has been downloaded more than 60 million times worldwide.

Not only this, the world remained in the top chart. This podcast played an important role in getting justice in this case. Justice Harrison, however, criticized the podcast for not taking a balanced view of the matter as well as affecting some of the witnesses and evidence. Publicity on the podcast delayed the start of the trial. Due to this, the lawyers of Chris Dawson also tried to stop the case completely. His lawyers argued that due to this podcast series, a fair trial could not be conducted. This was the reason Dawson’s lawyers were allowed to prosecute a single judge rather than a jury.

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