The hospital was running in the hotel in Jabalpur: used to give one thousand rupees daily to the admitted patients; Fear of rigging in the name of Ayushman card

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  • Used To Give One Thousand Rupees Daily To The Admitted Patients; Fear Of Rigging In The Name Of Ayushman Card

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There has been a shocking revelation in the case of the hospital running in the hotel of Jabalpur. Three years ago, the operator of the Central Kidney Hospital had built a hotel for his son named Vega. When the hotel did not work, the patient started admitting. For this he did not even take permission from the health department. Here Ayushman card holders were recruited by paying one thousand rupees daily. There were also brokers for this. In the name of ICU ward, only oxygen pipes were installed in the room. Patients of colds and colds were also admitted for five days.

At 7 pm on Friday, the police raided the Vega Hotel near the Central Kidney Hospital in Wright Town. The police had received information that a hospital was being run in the hotel. Here ASP Gopal Khandel, Lalganj police station in-charge Madhur Pateria and Ayushman Yojana nodal officer Dr. Dheeraj Gawande reached here. Here the three-storey hotel was given the form of a hospital. During the raid, more than 30 patients were admitted. All were patients of common ailments.

Vega Hotel is built near the Central India Kidney Hospital.

Hotel was built for son
Ashwini Pathak, the operator of Central Kidney Hospital, had built a hotel for the son. But due to Corona, the hotel got closed in the last three years. It was also used as a hospital in the first and second wave of Corona. Recently its rooms were demolished and converted into wards by making halls. The permission for this was not even taken from the health department.

All three floors were converted into wards
According to the police, wards have been made on all three floors here. Central AC is also installed. The reception is on the ground floor. There is also a lot of junk stuff here. The rooms on the first floor have been demolished and made into an ICU. There are 12 beds in the ICU. It only has an oxygen pipe. Necessary equipment related to ICU was not present here. The general ward has been made on the second floor, while on the third floor different rooms have been made private ward. There are also double beds here. Two nurses have also been put on duty here. The operation was also done here.
During the inspection, patients were found admitted to the hotel built in the hospital.

During the inspection, patients were found admitted to the hotel built in the hospital.

used to do fraud like this
This is the only kidney hospital in Jabalpur. Because of this, it remains full most of the time. According to SP Siddhartha Bahuguna, only patients with Ayushman card were admitted in the hospital. Even cold-cold patients were admitted for four-five days. For this, he used to give one thousand rupees per day to the patients. The SP says that the Ayushman card was misused in this. There is a possibility of it being a scam. Is being investigated.

Patients used to bring brokers
To bring patients here, brokers were also active. These brokers used to get Rs 500 per patient. One thousand rupees per day was given to a patient to stay admitted. After this the bill was collected from the government.

Patients were admitted on double beds in hotel rooms.

Patients were admitted on double beds in hotel rooms.

The hotel did not take permission to run the hospital
Hospital operator Ashwini Pathak claims that they have permission for 100 beds. At the same time, CMHO Dr. Sanjay Mishra says that the hospital has not been licensed or allowed in the hotel. 60 beds are also allowed in kidney hospital. Fire system was also not allowed in the hotel. Health Department officials say that during the Corona period, relaxation was given for isolation in the hotel. Presently there is no such rule.

Ayushman nodal officer under suspicion
The hospital management used to take Ayushman card from the patients. This hospital was running in the hotel for the last three years. Every month the nodal officers of the Ayushman department also used to visit here for inspection. However, they did not find any irregularities.

Court orders after hospital fire
After the recent fire incident at New Life Specialty Hospital in Jabalpur, the High Court had ordered the government to inspect the hospitals.

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