The gift of dowry harassment also increased by changing religion in love: Muzaffarnagar court ordered the trial, investigation will open the mystery of Shivani made from Shabnoor

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A court in Muzaffarnagar has ordered an FIR in the case of death due to dowry harassment of a girl who got married after converting her religion. Shabnoor, who was in love with a young man named Ankit, converted to religion 5 years ago and became Shivani. Shivani died after 4 years of marriage. The police will now investigate on the orders of the court.

This is the story of Shabnoor becoming Shivani

Raees, the daughter of Shabnoor, a resident of Budhana, was open-minded from the very beginning. Shabnoor had become friends with Ankit Saini of village Luhsana about 7 years ago. The friendship gradually turned into love and both decided to get married. Before marrying Hindu Vidhi Vidhi, Shabnoor announced to convert to religion. After that, Shabnoor changed her name to Shivani. After which she married Ankit Saini 5 years ago and went to Luhsana with him.

Harassment done for 2 lakhs in dowry

After converting, Shabnoor got married as Shivani. Shabnoor alias Shivani’s father Raees told that after marriage she often used to talk to him on the phone. After a few years of marriage, Shabnoor complained to her husband Ankit and other in-laws. In which he had accused all of them of torturing her for dowry. It was told that Ankit’s mother is demanding from him to bring 2 lakh rupees in dowry, for which Ankit and his father and other relatives have also agreed.

Shabnoor alias Shivani was poisoned and killed

Shabnoor’s father Raees told that on June 23, 2021, he got information that Shabnoor was assaulted a day earlier by her husband and other in-laws who poisoned her. Raees told that Shabnoor has been admitted to Kailashi Hospital in Meerut in a critical condition. Where he has been put on ventilator. After which he died on 2 July 2021 during treatment. Raees told that on his request, the police station Budhana got the post-mortem done of the dead body. But the police did not take any action against the accused.

CJM court ordered FIR

Raees’ advocate Rakesh Kumar said that in the murder case of Shivani alias Shabnoor, a complaint was made to the SSP including Budhana Kotwali police and a request was made to register an FIR against the accused. But no action was taken. After which the court’s door was knocked on 16 July 2021. He told that CJM Manoj Kumar Jatav, while listening to his application, in the case of Shabnoor alias Shivani murder case, under 156-3 CrPC, his father Pappi, brother-in-law of Budhana Kotwali police. Registering a case against Goli and mother-in-law Bhuri under relevant sections and ordered investigation.

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