The businessman suffered a loss of 10 lakhs…: pretended to be a super dealer, neither goods came nor got dealership

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On the pretext of making a super dealer of Gwalior district, two directors of a company cheated a businessman of 10 lakhs. The incident came to light when the warehouse was rented after the agreement and even after paying the rent for four months, the goods did not come, then the businessman pressurized to send the goods, but both the directors kept shouting these days. The victim of the fraud reached the police station and complained about the matter. The police have started investigation by registering a case of cheating on the complaint of the victim.

Sushil Meetha, son of Sandeep Mitha, a resident of Mayur Nagar of Thattipur police station area of ​​Gwalior is a businessman by profession and runs SSK Enterprises in his Thatipur. Sometime back he saw an advertisement of GGJ Solutions Pvt Ltd Gurugram Haryana in which information was given to make super dealer of the district. When he contacted the number given on the advertisement, he had a conversation with the directors of the company, Sanjay Sinha and Yograj Sharma, and after the negotiations were settled, asked to deposit a security amount of twenty lakh rupees to become a super dealer, then Sandeep deposited Rs. There is no talk of doing it.

ten Lakh In did agreement

Sanjay and Yograj agreed on the request of businessman Sandeep Sweety to deposit the money in two installments and on this Sandeep made an agreement with the company for ten lakh hundred rupees. After this, a warehouse was taken on rent for nine thousand rupees per month to keep the goods.

Enough Waiting Of Afterwards Too No came Goods

But even after waiting for four months for the agreement, the company did not send the goods to him and when he contacted, he kept on saying as of today. Whenever he pressed for the goods, he would assure them to send the goods soon. When they did not get the goods, they reported the matter to the police. After investigation on the complaint of the businessman, the police have registered a case of cheating against the accused.

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