Teenager dies due to current in Lakhimpur-Kheri, brother Gambhir: Current was lowered into barbed wire to save crops from animals

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A teenager died of electrocution in Dhaurahara of Lakhimpur-Kheeri. His brother also got burnt in the incident. The accident happened when both the real brothers were going to get fodder for the animals. To save the animals from the stray animals, the farmers have kept the current running in the barbed wire. These wires are spread around the fields.

In the Isanagar police station area on Tuesday, two real brothers, who were going to take fodder in the fields, came under the grip of a current brought down in a wire installed in a field outside the village. Both got seriously burnt. Of these, one teenager died on the spot, while the other teenager has been admitted to the hospital in a serious condition. Police has sent the body for post-mortem.

The brothers had gone to get fodder for the animals.

Ramchandra, resident of village Rudrapur Salim, has two sons, Deepu and Vicky. Both are between 11 and 14 years old. They were going to the field on Tuesday to get fodder for the cattle. Behind the house are the fields of Dharmendra Singh son Sundar Singh, Gulab Singh, Ram Singh son Sundar Singh. In these, barbed wire has been installed to protect the crops from stray animals. Current was also dropped in these wires.

There was no idea of ​​the current in the wires

Deepu and Vicky had their eyes on the bait. He tried to go to the farm. He had no idea of ​​the current in the wire. On this both of them were seriously burnt by the current. In this, Deepu died on the spot. While Vicky also got seriously burnt. Hearing the screams, people ran towards the spot. The scorched teen has been admitted to the hospital.

After the death of the teenager due to electrocution, the police took the body for post-mortem.

After the death of the teenager due to electrocution, the police took the body for post-mortem.

Police has sent Deepu’s body to the district headquarters for post-mortem. The case has been registered on the basis of Tahrir given by father Ramchandra. Sub-Inspector Vidyasagar Shukla said that action has been started after registering a case against the accused.

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