Teachers’ honor on Teacher’s Day: Governor honored teacher Sarita Singh, when the team asked questions, the children gave fluent answers

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  • Governor Honored Teacher Sarita Singh, When The Team Asked Questions, The Children Gave Fluent Answers

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Teacher’s Day is celebrated in the memory of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. On this day, such teachers are respected in the country, who have done something different in the field of education. This year 14 teachers and teachers were selected, out of which one name was also of Sarita Singh of Anuppur. Sarita Singh teaches in the primary school of Anuppur Basti. Sarita Singh provides education to the children of first and second grade in the school. Sarita Singh was honored by the Governor in Bhopal on 5 September.

When asked questions, children gave fluent answers

Teacher Sarita Singh has been teaching since the year 2012 in the Government Primary Boys School Basti of District Headquarters Anuppur. She teaches first and second grade students. On applying for the award, when the award selection committee team formed in the district asked questions to the students of the class on subjects other than the syllabus, they were answered fluently by the children. Impressed the team members a lot. Teacher Sarita Singh has tried to make the young children in school basically literate through story, poem, picture, video.

teaching, teaching through learning materials

Sarita used innovation through rangoli and games to motivate the children towards studies to make the teaching work more simple and attractive through TLLM (Teaching, Learning Material) which was successful.

Giving education to children in different ways

Mainly, the children were taught in the manner in which they wanted to study. For example, with pebbles in the sand or by moving the finger, the information of vowel consonants was given. The situation had become such that children who ran away from studies would remember everything they had been taught. Teacher Sarita discharged her responsibilities apart from school also.

Education given to children who have dropped out

He went from house to house and made the children aware to get education in the basti. Similarly, the children who had dropped out of school were re-admitted to the school. About 11 such children were in his ward Basti area, for which he continued his efforts continuously. These innovations of teacher Sarita have selected her for the state level award.

Teacher Sarita Singh said that at the time of lockdown, children were becoming disengaged from studies, then they adopted various activities which kept them connected with studies, in which they were also successful. After the award, she will further expand her campaign, so that children can get basic education in the easiest way possible.


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