Teacher’s Day gift to raw teachers: 8,736 teachers will be regular in Punjab, CM Bhagwant Mann announced

Chandigarh6 hours ago

CM Bhagwant Mann.

On Teacher’s Day in Punjab, raw teachers have got a big gift. Punjab will soon have 8,736 regular teachers. CM Bhagwant Mann made this announcement during the meeting at Sri Anandpur Sahib. He said that in this 5,442 education providers, 1,130 inclusive education volunteers would be directly confirmed. Apart from these, 1,639 teachers who came under the transparent policy and 525 teachers under the board would also be confirmed. Mann said that it has been decided in the cabinet meeting. Mann said that soon the number of employees of the board and corporation will also come.

CM Bhagwant Mann honoring the teachers during the program organized in Sri Anandpur Sahib

CM said – teachers have a lot of difficulties
Mann said that I am the son of Late Master Mohinder Singh ji. From 6th to 8th, I studied in the same school where my father was the headmaster. It is very difficult for teachers because their duty is sometimes put in voting, sometimes in Corona and sometimes somewhere.

I still touch the feet of teachers
Mann said that I know all the teachers from primary to senior secondary and college. Wherever he meets, I touch his feet. If the student progresses taught by the teachers, then they are also proud. The contribution of parents was also very big in this.

education will be done digitally
Mann said that we have to digitize the way of education. This happened during the time of Corona but that atmosphere was not created. It should be in schools. Teachers will also be able to teach only when there is complete infrastructure.

Do not try to transfer near the city
Mann told the teachers that after getting admitted, do not try to come near the city. If this happens, who will teach in the villages? Under what conditions do our soldiers protect the country on the border of China. Where teachers get jobs, do it there.

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