T-Shirts stolen from factory in Ludhiana: Thieves uprooted gate, broke locks of factory’s office, stolen goods, imprisoned in CCTV

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Thief imprisoned in CCTV by covering his face while stealing in factory office.

Thieves targeted a T-shirt factory in Punjab’s Ludhiana in the middle of the night. The thieves broke the factory gate and entered inside and committed the crime by breaking the locks of the rooms. When the factory owners reached the factory in the morning, the ground slipped under their feet.

He saw that the factory gate was uprooted and the locks inside were broken. Immediately after the incident, the factory owner informed the police. The incident site is on Guru Vihar Raho Road. Police of Thana Jodhewal reached the spot. Please tell that this incident is of 2.20 pm. According to CCTV, when the thieves entered the factory, they first uprooted the gate after struggling for half an hour.

The weight of the main gate was very high, due to which the center lock inside got broken. Thieves entered the factory after breaking the lock. Giving information, the owner of the factory, Sumit Gupta, resident of Bindraban Road, said that he had gone at night after closing the factory at night.

Thieves loading goods by parked a tent outside.

Thieves loading goods by parked a tent outside.

When he came to the factory in the morning, the gate was uprooted. Stuff was scattered. He informed the police station Jodhewal. Investigating officer Dilvarag Singh reached the spot. According to the factory owner, his thieves stole T-shirts, shirts with caps and a lot of clothes.

According to Sumit Gupta, the accused stole goods worth 15 to 20 lakhs. At the same time, the laptop lying in the factory and about 80 thousand rupees in cash is also missing. According to the factory owner, the thieves were caught on CCTV cameras.

Let the thieves be so high that they entered at 2.20 and stole and left. Then again the thieves again come to the factory with the goods loading tent and again steal the goods and take them away. In total, thieves stole twice in the same factory. At the same time, the police of Jodhewal area is sitting on hand.

Residents of the area say that no employee of Jodhewal police station ever patrols the area, nor are there any proper blockades. People are getting scared after this theft. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the factory owner. According to CCTV, 3 to 4 youths who have carried out the crime are visible, who have hidden their faces.

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