Students sit on hunger strike in Law University: mobilized to remove Vice Chancellor and Registrar

Jabalpur22 minutes ago

Students of Dharmashastra Law University have rallied for the suspension of the Vice Chancellor. Students who have been agitating against the Vice Chancellor and Registrar in the university since August 17, have now sat on hunger strike. The health of some students sitting on hunger strike for 36 hours is also deteriorating. Despite this, the Vice Chancellor neither knew the condition of the students nor took any action on their complaint.

A student who came from Jammu to study in Dharmashastra Law University, Madhya Pradesh said that the atmosphere of the university here is very bad. From the Vice Chancellor to the security guard, they comment on the dress of the students and when a complaint is made about the BC or register, they punish the students on the contrary. The condition of 2 students has deteriorated due to sitting on hunger strike for the last 36 hours. Even after this, the university management did not take care of the sick students.

Students studying in Law University have unanimously decided that until the Vice Chancellor is not removed, all the students of the university will sit on hunger strike. If the students are to be believed, then if we retreat today, the chancellor will not allow us to stay in the university. In such a situation, if you have to die, then why not fast and die.

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