Step-by-step carelessness at Banke Bihari temple: The barricading that was meant to stop the devotees was broken in the evening; did not reapply

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  • There Is No Arrangement To Stop Them From Going To The Temple, No Arrangement For Evacuation, The Barricading Which Was There To Stop The Devotees, Broke In The Evening.

40 minutes agoWriters: Ashish Urmalia and Devanshu Tiwari

Two devotees died on Saturday due to suffocation at the Banke Bihari temple in Mathura. Mangala Aarti started in the temple after the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna. The courtyard had a capacity of 800 people. But 50 times more people reached. The people standing behind wanted to go inside, pushing the one in front of them. The pressure on those ahead increased. As a result, one woman and one man died of suffocation. 8 devotees had to be admitted to the hospital.

Dainik Bhaskar’s team was present on the spot at the time of the incident. Let us know about the capacity of the temple, the way of arrival, the reason for the incident, the mistake of the officials and old accidents through the graphics…

Before seeing the next three graphics, let us know about the duty of the administrative officers present on the spot and the injured.

Senior officials were present at the time of the incident.
The DM, SSP, Municipal Commissioner of the district were present at the time of the incident in Banke Bihari temple. All of them were standing with the family on the balcony of the temple. When the scuffle continued below, the officers standing above were making videos. To get people out of the temple, people also started coming in from the already fixed number 1 and 4 gates. The only way out was closed. Police was outside the temple but not inside.

Administration’s plan to avoid such accidents in future
On knowing about the incident, CM Yogi expressed grief. Also gave two instructions. The first is that the injured should be properly treated. Second, a proper plan should be made to control the crowd on such festivals. Apart from this, an official of the administration told three more plans.
1. More people will not get entry than the capacity of the courtyard.
2. If the crowd increases, people will be stopped at the gates of the five streets only.
3. After taking out the people already present in the temple, new people will be given entry.

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