SpiceJet plane’s tire burst: Flight from Delhi made emergency landing in Mumbai, Captain did not even know about the problem

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  • All Passengers And Crew Members On Board The Flight Were Safe, The Flight Came From Delhi To Mumbai

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The tire of a SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 aircraft burst while landing at the Mumbai airport on Monday. After this, the emergency landing of the flight coming from Delhi was made. The special thing was that even the captain of the plane did not find the fault in the landing gear of the plane. Thankfully there was no accident during this time. All passengers and crew members are safe after landing.

Main runway of Mumbai airport had to be closed
SpiceJet flight SG-8701 from Delhi to Mumbai took off at 7:30 am. This flight reached Mumbai at around 9 pm. SpiceJet’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft was landing on the main runway number 27 of Mumbai airport, when the plane’s tire burst. As soon as the information was received, an alert was declared at the airport. After this, the main runway of Mumbai airport had to be closed for some time for inspection. Due to this the landing of two flights was delayed.

On July 2, for some reason, smoke started filling the Delhi-Jabalpur SpiceJet flight. This flight was brought back to Delhi.

Everything was normal at the time of landing: Flight Captain
The captain of the plane says that everything was normal in the flight during the landing. He did not feel anything wrong with the flight. No passengers were harmed during the plane’s landing. Everyone is safe.

SpiceJet said the tire was bad, did not catch fire
SpiceJet spokesperson has given information about this matter. He said the plane landed safely on runway 27. Investigation revealed that one of the tires of the plane was defective. However, there was no report of fire or smoke rising in the tire during the landing.

Emergency landing of SpiceJet planes extended
Emergency landing of 7 SpiceJet flights was made between June 19 and July 5. However, no passenger lost his life in any incident.

  • On June 19, shortly after taking off from Patna to Delhi, the engine of a SpiceJet flight caught fire. This resulted in the loss of 185 passengers. However, the flight’s emergency landing was made shortly after. The accident was caused by a bird colliding with the plane.
  • In another incident on June 19 itself, a Jabalpur-bound SpiceJet plane had to return to Delhi due to a pressure problem in the cabin. After this, on 24 and 25 June, two different aircraft had to make an emergency landing due to the fuselage door warning.
  • On July 2, SpiceJet’s Jabalpur flight had to return to Delhi. Actually, after take-off, the crew members saw smoke rising from the cabin. During that time the plane was at an altitude of five thousand feet.

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