South Asian community in US condemns racial attack on 4 Indian women

South Asian Community on Racial Abuse: The South Asian community has strongly condemned the incident of racial abuse of four Indian-American women by a Mexican-American woman in Texas, USA. The incident happened on Wednesday night in a parking area in Dallas, Texas. Arun Agarwal, president and co-founder of the Indian American CEO Council, said that there is no doubt that the Indian American community is strong. There is no place for any kind of hatred in this world.

Esmeralda Upton, a woman named Esmeralda Upton, has been seen in a video claiming to be a Mexican-American and misbehaving with a group of Indian-Americans.

Woman arrested for racial discrimination

A woman named Esmaralda Upton has now been arrested on charges of racial discrimination. The woman was heard saying, “I hate you Indians. All these Indians come to America because they want a better life.” She can also be heard telling a group of Indian women, “Go back to India. You people are ruining this country.

Strong condemnation of racial attack

Arun Agarwal, president and co-founder of the Indian American CEO Council, told the media that the Indian-American community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is strong and will continue to grow strongly. She said the women who have been attacked are all very accomplished and do a lot for the communities in which they live, work. Neither he nor anyone else should be humiliated in this manner.

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