Signs of big change in China, Hu Chunhua can be elected Prime Minister

Communist Party Of China: A meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) took place in Beidaihe, near Beijing. This meeting of the party was called to discuss important issues. After the end of this meeting, some special signs have emerged. According to a report by, one name that caught everyone’s attention in this meeting was China’s Deputy Prime Minister Hu Chunhua.

In this meeting, the issue of elections for high posts dominated. After the CPC meeting held this week, one name kept everyone’s attention and that name is Hu Chunhua. He can be elected prime minister. Current Prime Minister Li Keqiang has announced that he will not continue in office. It is said about Hu Chunhua that he does not belong to Xi Jinping’s camp. If he is elected prime minister, it will be considered a setback for Xi Jinping.

This sign was found after informal meeting

In fact, there is an informal meeting of the leaders of the Communist Party of China every year in Bidaye. In this meeting, an attempt is made to make consensus among themselves before formal decisions. After this meeting, Xi Jinping went to Laoning province. So there, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Li Keqiang attended a meeting in Guangdong province. In this way, the departure of both the leaders before the meeting is considered an important sign.

About Hu Chunhua

Hu Chunhua is one of the 4 Deputy Prime Ministers. He started his political career as a worker of the Communist Youth League. Later he took over the responsibility of secretary of the party in Mongolia and Guangdong. There are indications that most factions of the party are supporting his name for this post. Not only this, Hu is also being called the successor of Jinping. It can be understood that if Hu Chunhua becomes the Prime Minister, then he can also be considered as the successor of Xi Jinping.

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