Shree Vamana Dwadashi Mela: Inauguration with Havan; 5 carousels ready; There will be a grand procession; Drone will rain flowers

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Gorgeously decorated Handela of God.

The famous Shree Vaman Dwadashi fair of North India has started with Havan in Ambala, Haryana. Worshiped the land with chanting in the old grain market. After this, 5 carousels of different forms of God will be installed in the Gur Mandi of Ambala City.

The venue of the event has been decorated in a grand manner. The Lord will reach the pandal with the procession. The procession with bandwagons will start from Bada Thakurdwara Naurang Rai Sarovar.

Drone will rain flowers in the procession

Naresh Agrawal, President of Shri Sanatan Dharma Sabha said that the procession will start from Bada Thakurdwara temple. It will reach the pandal via Radheshyam Temple, Kalal Majri Kheda, Kalal Majri Temple and Naihariyan Temple. Drones will rain 50 kg flowers in the procession. Told that the first Hindela Thakurdwara, the second Radhe Shyam temple, the third Hindela Kheda Kalal Majri, the fourth Kalal Majri and the fifth Naihariyan temple.

Lighting and flower-adorned pandals

The market and the pandal are decorated with lighting. The pandals are decorated on the Rose Pink theme. Not only this, his background has been decorated with 20 thousand rose flowers. Thousands of devotees from different states including Haryana will throng the fair to have darshan of Lord Vamana, who is seated in the carousels.

Education Minister will attend

Today there will be Bhajan Sankirtana from 2 pm to 11 pm in the day. Where, at 8 pm, Punjabi singer Hansraj Hans will perform. At the same time, Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gurjar will specially participate in the fair. Tomorrow on September 6, Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya will be specially present.

This will be the schedule of the fair

On the second day on 6th September, there will be fireworks along with Bhajan Sankirtana from 8 to 11 pm. Kavita Gondiyal and Pawan Gondiyal will give a special presentation in the cultural programs to be held at night. On the last day of the fair, on 7th September, Bhajan Kirtan will be organized from 8 am to 11 am and Dangal will be organized from 9 am in the old grain market.

Bada Thakurdwara Temple: Flowers of rose, white lily were ordered

Rakesh Gupta, who prepared the carousel in Bada Thakurdwara temple, said that this time special flowers have been brought from Delhi for the decoration of the carousel. Flowers like rose, carnation, white lily etc. have been brought from Delhi. Along with this, the carousel has been given the best form with banana leaves and artificial flowers, buds, bandhanwals, pendants, garlands etc.

Radhe Shyam Temple: Every day will be decorated with new flowers

Pandit Devendra Kaishik of Radhe Shyam Mandir near Old Civil Hospital told that the carousels have been decorated with real flowers. Every day the carousel will be decorated with new flowers. The carousel has been painted and prepared and about 2 quintal prasad has been made from the temple side.

Naihariyan Temple: Palkinuma Hindela will be an attraction

Pandit Nand Kisher Shastri of Naihariyan temple told that special decoration of carousels has been done. The right sides are set with golden flower decorations. This time a palanquin-like carousel has been made. 4 quintal prasad has been prepared by the temple.

Kalal Majri: Three and a half quintals of prasad prepared for the devotees

Pandit Suman Pandey told from Kalal Majri that goods were brought from Delhi for the decoration of carousels. Carousels have been made with golden colored paints. On the side, the bar of Vamana Bhagwan ki Jai has been enlarged. He told that three and a half quintal prasad has been prepared. This practice of carousel was started by his father Pandit Maheshanand Pandey.

Kheda Kalal Majri: Built a temple-like dome

Mahant Devendra Das of Kheda Kalal Majri said that this time the carousel has been given a new look. This time a temple-like dome has been made on the carousel and Radha Krishna has been written on the pillar with hardboard.

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