‘She was a nerve wreck’, Niall reacts after Gina Miles wins The Voice Season 23: Watch show highlights and more

The Voice Season 23 has a new winner – Gina Miles, top favorite from Team Niall. This is Niall’s first official win as a coach.

The Voice Season 23 has a new winner – Gina Miles, top favorite from Team Niall.

The girl with a mesmerizing voice won the title by defeating Niall’s reaction was priceless, he jumped with joy after the announcement was made and hugged Gina as confetti fell down from the ceiling. she wiped away tears of joy.

‘Your friendship and your mentorship have been very special to me, and I love you. So thank you for choosing me.’, Gina said as she controlled her tears and emotions.

The coach and his prodigy enthralled the audience with a heart-warming performance.

Fans couldn’t hold back their emotions as they rejoiced Gina’s victory and so couldn’t her mentor Niall. ‘Told her on day one, when she was a nervous wreck (and) that she was going to go the whole way. The girl is special. Special talent and people who are nice to good things. Niall stated hugging his favorite contestant.

However, many didn’t want to share their support for Blake’s. The credits ran and then Blake was shown for a final time holding a box filled with personal items as he left an office. Blake walked down the hallway, looked back at the camera for a final time and turned the lights out before he left. ‘My heart is breaking but seeing how happy @blakeshelton was tonite during #TheVoice finale, I’m at peace and truly happy for him and what’s ahead The love and respect everyone has for him is a testament to how great of a COACH and a PERSON he is’, tweeted a fan.

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