Shameful: People had to sit in sewer water to protest due to non-hearing in municipal corporation for six months

Faridabad23 minutes ago

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Slogans were raised against the local MLA and Municipal Corporation officials for not solving the problem soon.

On Monday, people protested and raised slogans at Ward No. Eight Nangla Enclave, Subhash Chowk after the sewer overflow problem was not resolved for six months. They say that the people living here are forced to live a hellish life. Complaints have been lodged from the local MLA to the municipal administration but no one is there to listen. People have even threatened to commit suicide if the problem is not resolved soon. Local residents Raju, Naresh, Ajay Mohit etc. told that complaints have been given to MLA Neeraj Sharma several times regarding this problem. Despite this, no hearing took place. Municipal Corporation’s JE Arif Khan is informed about the problem. So he tries to bully by ignoring the problem. Not only this, the local people have also met Joint Commissioner Gaurav Antil and told the problem. The protesters said that from MLA to councilor to ask for votes, then where do people go to solve the problem. On the other hand, Xen OP Kardam says that the problem will be resolved soon.

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