Servant robbed house in Ludhiana: Intoxicants found in food, fed the family, escaped with jewelry-cash along with 2 companions

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Accused caught on CCTV camera.

In Ludhiana, Punjab, the servant committed the incident of robbing the house by giving intoxicants to the members of a family. The incident came to light when the condition of the mistress of the house worsened due to intoxicants. The family took him to the hospital. At the same time, after some time the condition of the rest of the family members also started deteriorating.

The matter is of Rajguru Nagar area of ​​Police Station Sarabha Nagar. 3 days ago the house servant of a petrol pump owner carried out the incident of robbery. The owner of the petrol pump is also the head of the Petroleum Dealers Association. The servant also took the help of two of his accomplices in the crime. When the condition of the woman of the family worsened due to intoxicants, she was taken to DMC Hospital. The woman was admitted to the hospital that her husband also started feeling dizzy.

The victim woman has been identified as Chetna. At the same time, her husband’s name is Ashok Sachdeva. Ashok Sachdeva told the police that his condition worsened after his wife Chetna had dinner. In the meantime, when he was taken to the hospital, the condition of the rest of the family members also started deteriorating.

When he came home and checked the CCTV cameras, he came to know that his servant, with the help of two other accomplices, fled the house with jewelry and cash. He suspected this when his servant mixed some intoxicant in his food and the condition of his wife along with other members of his family started deteriorating. In this matter, he informed the police of Sarabha Nagar police station on Thursday.

Investigating officer ASI Bhupinder Singh said that a case has been registered against the accused under sections 381, 328, 341 and 34 of the IPC. The family has the picture of the accused. Police has formed several teams to arrest the accused. He will be caught soon.

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