Selection of Hema Tiwari for State Teacher Award: Appointment was done in Amroha in 2015, changed the picture of the school while performing better

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Hema Tiwari has been selected from Amroha for the Uttar Pradesh State Teacher Award. Hema is working as the headmaster in the primary school Amhera development block Joya since the year 2015. He has got this honor because of the work done for the beautification of the school besides increasing the attendance of the students and better performance of the students in various competitions including Yoga at the Mandal level.

Hema Tiwari told Dainik Bhaskar that in April 2015, she was appointed in Amhera Primary School. Where the enrollment of students was 102. But only 25 or 30 students used to come to study. Amhera village is a square majority. Changing the perception of children and parents was not easy.

Teacher Hema Tiwari makes people aware along with children.

The teacher set up a chaupal in the village
Hema Tiwari set up chaupals in the village and prayer meetings were organized. Reaching out among the people, told them the importance of education. Organized street plays. Organized competitions for parents of children. To change the perception of the parents, the SDM and other officials were called to the school and organized programs by them. Linked school with parents. As a result of which 168 students are registered in the school today. Regular attendance is also 95 percent.
Various programs are conducted in the school.  Hema Tiwari has an important contribution in them.

Various programs are conducted in the school. Hema Tiwari has an important contribution in them.

Was transferred to Moradabad in 2020
The drop out level in the school has also become almost zero. Hema Tiwari is originally from Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Presently she lives with her family in Buddhi Vihar, Moradabad. He also told that he was transferred to Moradabad in 2020 due to the mandate.

When the villagers came to know about their inter-district transfer, the parents of all the children reached the school. He told them not to go to school. Where the villagers told them all the things including the future of the children, their mind became emotional. He talked about not going on transfer in front of the insistence of the villagers.

Makes villagers aware with education
Since then, till date, she is providing higher education to the children of the village as well as social education and making the villagers aware. Along with this, she is also organizing programs by calling the villagers to the school from time to time. Hema Tiwari, the teacher selected for the State Teacher Award, said that there were sixteen applications from the district. While 11 teachers were selected.

Hema Tiwari has written the school's time table very well.  Where school related information is given.

Hema Tiwari has written the school’s time table very well. Where school related information is given.

The names of 11 teachers were sent
The team headed by DM had sent the names of eleven teachers to the government. In which she is the only teacher in the district. who will be awarded this award. After being selected for the award, there is an influx of people wishing Hema Tiwari all the best. Also on Saturday, his school staff and villagers welcomed him with bouquets.

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