Scooty riders stopped the road and beat up the young man: The one who had lodged the report of vandalism in the car two days ago, he carried out the incident

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  • The One Who Had Lodged The Car Vandalism Report Two Days Ago, He Carried Out The Incident.

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Two days ago, the person who had filed a sabotage report in his Scorpio after reaching the police station, now a case has been registered against him for assaulting a young man. Not only this, he also snatched the mobile phone of the youth, which was later shattered and returned.

According to the information, Utkarsh Tiwari alias Jai father Brajkishore Tiwari, a resident of Maruti Nagar in the city, was 18 years old and on Tuesday night at around 7 pm, three scooty-riding youths stopped the road and beat him up. The attackers have been identified as Pateri, Adarsh ​​Parihar and Mrigendra Singh Baghel, residents of Sahil Singh Parihar.

When the incident took place, Utkarsh was on his way to collect Harchhath Puja items from his house. Then Sahil, Adarsh ​​and Mrigendra, who came on a scooty near the railway line, blocked his way and started beating him by abusing him. The accused had arrived with sticks. They started beating the middle road Utkarsh with sticks. Hearing the noise, Utkarsh’s elder mother Kshipra Tiwari, along with Parul Tiwari and Alku Singh, reached there and rescued Utkarsh from the clutches of the attacking youths.

Utkarsh reached City Kotwali and lodged a report of the incident. Police have registered a case against Sahil Singh Parihar, Adarsh ​​Parihar and Mrigendra Singh Baghel under sections 341, 294, 323, 506 and 34 of IPC.

Family sources of Utkarsh, who was a victim of the assault, said that during the assault, the accused had snatched Utkarsh’s mobile and money. The mobile was vandalized after reaching the police station to register the complaint and returned by sending it through someone else but the money was not traced.

Relatives say that when the police was told about the mobile and money being snatched by the accused in the police station, a police personnel present there, while trying to give a certificate to Sahil, also said that he cannot do this. After some time, the mobile came back in a shattered condition.

The accused had written the report of vandalism in the car two days ago-

A young man named Sahil Singh Parihar, against whom the City Kotwali Police has registered a case of assault with Utkarsh Tiwari on Tuesday night, was also a complainant two days ago. He had lodged a report of sabotage in his Scorpio after reaching the police station.

That day he had told the police that near the Sai Swayamvar Marriage Garden, in front of Rama Krishna College, one and a half dozen people had vandalized and damaged his car in an attempt to attack him. He had told the police that he was studying B.Com in Bhopal. On his return from Bhopal after four months, he had gone to meet his friend Anupam when some people attacked him.

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