Sant Samaj angry with JNU Vice Chancellor and Nitish Kumar: Swami Jitendranand said – mentality of Delhi’s elite class is sickening

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  • Sant Samaj Angry With JNU Vice Chancellor And Nitish Kumar, Swami Jitendranand Said In Varanasi The Mentality Of Delhi’s Elite Class Is Sickening; Follow The Limits Of Religion Field Leader

Varanasi2 hours ago

Swami Jitendranand Saraswati.

The Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti has expressed deep displeasure over the statement of the JNU Vice Chancellor regarding the caste of Hindu deities and the visit of the Bihar Chief Minister along with the Muslim minister at Vishnupad temple in Gaya. In Varanasi on Tuesday, the general secretary of the committee, Swami Jitendranand Saraswati said that the Sant Samaj will not tolerate the disrespect of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. If needed, Sant Samaj will come out on the road to protect Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

Do not make so called intellectual statements about Hindu gods

JNU Vice Chancellor Shantisree Dhulipadi Pandit had said on Monday that Hindu deities do not come from any upper caste. Lord Shiva is also a Shudra, as he sits in the cremation ground. Regarding this, Swami Jitendranand Saraswati said that the way JNU Vice Chancellor has tried to divide Hindu gods and goddesses into caste, varna and language, it is a sick mentality of Delhi’s elite class.

All India Sant Samiti strongly condemns this. All we have to say to such so called intellectuals is that there are many areas where you can try your bets. The gods and goddesses and great men of Sanatan Hinduism may have been born in any religion and varna, but they are beyond all these things.

We can neither bind Lord Rama to any caste nor can we take Lord Parashuram or Lord Krishna within the ambit of any caste. Therefore, so called intellectuals should not make any statements about Hindu gods and goddesses, it would be better.

Destruction is assured when we move towards sin.

It is written on the board installed in the famous Vishnupad temple of Gaya in Bihar that the entry of non-Hindus is prohibited here. Despite this, on Monday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with Minister Israel Mansoori went and worshiped there. Swami Jitendranand Saraswati, general secretary of the All India Sant Samiti has expressed deep displeasure over this.

He has said that the Sant Samaj will never accept the kind of act done by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar yesterday. We expect that Muslim minister to get Nitish Kumar to undertake Haj pilgrimage. Also, where the entry of non-Muslims is prohibited, they should also take Nitish Kumar and tell his status.

All I would say to Nitish Kumar is that politics has its limits. When one starts moving towards sin in the field of religion by violating the dignity, then the destruction of such a person is also ensured. Therefore, every leader must follow the limits of the field of religion.

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