Sagar Collector saw the arrangements of CM Rise School: Said – education should be done in the school only from the test book, arithmetic questions asked to the children

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Collector Arya talking to the girl students in the class room.

On Monday, Collector Deepak Arya made a surprise inspection at Maharani Laxmibai Girls School No.-1 CM Rise School in Sagar. Where he inquired about the educational information from the teachers including the girl students. Along with this, after reaching the classes, he also asked questions and answers to the students. During the inspection, the collector saw the arrangements of the school. He reached the class of Mathematics subject of class 12th.

Where he took information from the girls regarding their text books. Students were asked to study only from NCERT text books. Reading from these types of books gives wide and deep knowledge. He took knowledge of algebra and arithmetic from the students and what method is adopted to calculate the average rainfall? Ask questions like Apart from this, after reaching other classes, he also discussed with the girl students regarding physics, political science, English and Hindi subjects. He also talked to the students regarding smart class.

Collector taking information about the complaint box in the school.

Apart from this, he asked the teachers to get the students studied from the test book only. Studying from the test book leads to in-depth study of the subject and this study is useful in future. During the inspection, Collector Arya saw the complaint box installed in the school. Took information from Principal Vinay Dubey regarding complaints. Principal Dubey said that a complaint cell has been constituted for this, who open the complaint box every evening and redress the complaints received in it. During this, Deputy Director Public Education Sagar Division Prachish Jain, District Education Officer Akhilesh Pathak, CG Philif etc. were present.

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