Russia’s Special Service blames Ukraine for the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter

Russia Aleksandr Dugin Daughter Killed: Many claims are being made about the murder of the daughter of Alexander Dugin, who is called the ‘brain’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now a claim has been made from Russia regarding this murder. Russia’s FSB Security Services claimed on Monday that Ukraine was behind the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter Daria Dugin in a car blast. According to the news agency AFP, Russia’s Special Service (FSB) has claimed that Ukraine has plotted and executed this assassination.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, reacting to the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter, said, “It is a heinous crime to kill the daughter of a true patriot of the country in this way.”

Let us tell you that the attackers had planted explosives in his car to kill Alexander Dugin, but his daughter Daria accidentally sat in this car and she died. Let us tell you that Alexander Dugin is called the ‘brain’ and ‘spiritual guru’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is claimed that Alexander Dugin’s brain is behind everything Putin does.

staunch supporter of putin

Let us tell you that Alexander Dugin is considered a supporter of Putin regarding Russia’s fight against Ukraine. Alexander has also been accused of supporting militants in eastern Ukraine. Due to which America has also banned him. Not only this, Alexander Dugin, considering Ukraine as an integral part of Russia, has also named it Novorossia (New Russia). Therefore, Russian security agencies suspect that Ukraine may be behind this attack.

He also made this claim about Ukraine

At the same time, earlier Denis Pushilin, the head of the pro-Kremlin Kremlin of eastern Ukraine, also accused Ukrainian terrorists of killing Dugin’s daughter in a bomb blast. On the other hand, this murder has deepened the dispute between the two countries regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Significantly, many cities of Ukraine have been badly destroyed in the Russian attack.

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