Raju Srivastava’s condition stable: According to the daughter, the father opened his eyes, the condition is stable, gradually improving his health

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Comedian Raju Srivastava’s health is slowly improving. Today is the 28th day he was admitted to AIIMS Delhi, but he has not regained consciousness yet. At the same time, Raju’s brother told that after getting complete relief in fever, daughter Antara was given permission to see Raju in ICU.

eye opening claim
His brother told that Raju’s daughter Antara had gone to ICU to see him. The daughter told the father that father, open your eyes, how long will you lie here. After hearing this, there was movement in his eyes. But the doctors refused to accept it. The daughter told this to her family members.

Raju Srivastava doing comedy.

Non-removal of ventilator is a reason for concern
Raju’s brother told that it is a matter of concern for us not to remove the ventilator yet. Just before the fever came, the doctors had said that the ventilator would be removed, but it has not been removed yet. Although all of Raju’s organs, BP, heart rate and pulse rate are working normal. The ventilator can be removed after the fever has completely subsided.

Responsibility entrusted to the Resident Commissioner
Raju has got complete relief in fever. At the same time, the UP government has entrusted the responsibility of the Resident Commissioner to look after Raju in Delhi AIIMS. After reaching AIIMS, he is taking complete information about Raju’s health from the family.

Comedian Sunil Pal shares memories
Raju’s friends, family and loved ones are constantly praying to the Lord. His friend and comedian Sunil Pal shared the video he made with him on social media. In which he himself is the rite of life… Only after defeat, he is singing the song Jeet Hai. Raju is looking very happy in this video. This video was shot by Sunil Pal at Raju’s office in Mumbai.

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