Rain made the situation worse: Administration sought Air Force’s help, people facing problems in rescuing

Vidisha22 minutes ago

Due to continuous rain in Vidisha district for two days, the situation in the district turned from bad to worse. Where due to heavy rains the river drains came in spate. The district headquarter is connected only with Bhopal. All other roads were closed. After the water in all the dams in the district rose above the danger mark, the gates of the dams were opened, making the situation even worse.

10 gates of the Sanjay Sagar Bah project were opened, due to which the situation is worst in Shamshwad and Nateran area. The rural areas were flooded there. People are trapped in homes. Due to lack of road connectivity, people are not able to rescue. At the same time, people in other places in the district are facing problems in rescuing them. Due to which the administration has sought the help of the Air Force.

BJP’s MP Executive Committee Mukesh Tandon told that the situation is bad due to heavy rains in the district. Even now the rainy season is going on, in such a situation the situation is becoming uncontrollable. The situation is worst in Shamshwad and Nateran area. The situation in the district has become critical. Due to the closure of roads, many areas have become islands. It is not possible to reach there. Air Force’s help has been sought to rescue the people. He urged the opponents to leave politics and come forward to help the people in this hour of disaster.

100 people trapped in the Hathwas of Samadpur and Tyonda in Basoda; School-colleges of the district will remain closed tomorrow

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