Rain havoc: Due to heavy rains in Singrauli, the bridge over Surya Nallah on Harrai Jayant Marg collapsed, water entered people’s homes

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  • Due To Heavy Rains In Singrauli, The Bridge Over Surya Nallah On Harrai Jayant Marg Collapsed, Water Entered People’s Homes

Singrauli12 minutes ago

Due to heavy rains in Singrauli, people are facing a lot of problems. Due to torrential rains in many areas of the district, as well as due to lack of proper drainage, water is going into people’s homes. Due to which people are facing lot of problems. At the same time, in heavy rains, people also cleaned the clogged drains to drain the water.

Please inform that people are telling the helplessness of the Municipal Corporation regarding this. The municipal corporation did not get the drains of the ward cleaned in time and now the situation has become such that the rain water is going directly towards the houses of the people. Due to which people’s belongings are also getting damaged.

Ward residents of the municipal corporation area said that due to heavy rains and lack of drainage, rain water entered their house, due to which their valuables kept in the house were also damaged.

He said that even before the rains came, he had lodged a complaint with the Municipal Corporation that the drains and potholes of Ward No.

The dilapidated culvert collapsed in the rain

At the same time, the culvert built on Harrai Jayant main road in the district collapsed in heavy rain last night. Due to which the traffic has come to a complete halt. Fortunately, there is no news of any casualty due to the collapse of this dilapidated culvert. It is being told that last year this dilapidated culvert was repaired by filling it with soil. But this time the culvert collapsed due to heavy rain.


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