Raghuvanshi Samaj came in support of District Magistrate Rajiv: Said- Action taken under political conspiracy; demand for cancellation of memorandum

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The people of Raghuvanshi community reached the collector’s office.

Raghuvanshi society has come in support of the husband of Aaron Municipal Council Vice President, who was districted recently. On Monday, the society has given a memorandum demanding cancellation of the action of District Badar. The society says that this action has been taken under political pressure. Action has been taken against him in an untrue and wrong way. Therefore, the action of District Badr should be withdrawn.

Let us tell you that Congress candidates won 12 out of 15 wards in Aaron Municipal Council. The President and Vice-President were elected on 10 August. In this, Sandhya Rajeev Raghuvanshi was elected as the vice-president. Aaron Municipal Council is the only one in the district where Congress has occupied. In the rest of the city councils, only the BJP candidate has become the President/Vice President. Sandhya Raghuvanshi’s husband was jailed after 8 days. He was ordered to go out of the district for a year.

community spoke,political conspiracy

On Monday, the citizens of Raghuvanshi society submitted a memorandum to the principal. The people of the society gathered at Pritam Vatika. From here all the collectors reached the office in the form of a rally. A memorandum addressed to the Governor was submitted to the administration. It was said in the memorandum that due to the pressure of political opponents on the youth public representatives of the society, the administration has taken the action of District Magistrate. His family has been working in political positions for 50 years. This action has been done by conspiracy by the opponents. Therefore it should be repealed.

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