Priyanka Chopra shares videos of massive sing-along at Jonas Brothers concert; praises Nick: ‘You were incredible’

Priyanka Chopra is in Mexico City with Nick Jonas. As the singer-actor performed at a concert with Jonas Brothers, Priyanka documented it all on Instagram. She shared a photo with her husband on Tuesday from the concert and praised him. Priyanka wrote along with their photo, “You were incredible tonight, Nick Jonas.” The actor also shared a series of videos that showed excited concert-goers singling along with Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas as they performed live in a packed arena. Read more: Nick Jonas shares pics from Mexico City trip with Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka joined Nick as the Jonas Brothers kicked off their Remember This Tour in Mexico City. After sharing a glimpse of all that she has been eating during the trip, Priyanka took to Instagram Stories and gave an inside look at the concert as Nick and his brothers performed onstage. Visible in her videos was a sea of fans singling alongside Jonas Brothers, as the band busted out a slew of romantic ballads. There were also phone flashlights that had illuminated the dimmed concert arena. Sharing one such video, Priyanka wrote on Instagram Stories, “Mexico City, let’s go.”
Priyanka Chopra shared videos of Jonas Brothers’ live performance.  

Before sharing videos of the live performance, Priyanka had shared a glimpse of her access pass for the Jonas Brothers concert; it had her photo and her name written on it. In a photo she shared, Priyanka also showed of all the snacks she’s been having in Mexico, and wrote “When in Mexico eat Mexican snacks. Jonas Brothers in Mexico City tonight.” The actor also shared her concert look in an Instagram post. Priyanka wore sunglasses, a gold chain and a black top in the photo and wrote, “It’s a go.”

The Jonas Brothers also have shows scheduled on Thursday and Friday in Mexico. Nick had earlier on Tuesday, shared a colourful photo of himself and Priyanka sitting near a small table. He also shared a solo picture of himself wearing a yellow printed shirt over a white T-shirt with a pair of brown pants.

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