Prakash Raj is ‘honoured’ on being called ‘male version of Swara Bhasker’ on Twitter for supporting Shah Rukh Khan

Actor-politician Prakash Raj reacted to being referred to as ‘the male version of Swara Bhasker’ on social media after he defended fellow actor Shah Rukh Khan and his family on Twitter. Swara Bhasker is known for being vocal about social issues on the internet. She also responded to Prakash Raj’s reply to the user, who mocked him with the comparison. (Also read: Swara Bhasker compares people tarnishing Bollywood’s image with Rahul Gandhi)

Prakash re-shared a post that read, “How could they put him (Shah Rukh) and his family go through such harassment and trauma when he has been for decades giving the country love and joy!” To this, a user commented, “prakacha has tweeted, whether it is visible to you or not that tweet is not worth of a cent also, he is the male version of @ReallySwara.”
Swara Bhasker’s tweet.

The actor responded, “I am HONOURED to be called as the male version of @ReallySwara (folded hands emoji) who’s version are you #justasking.” Swara wrote to him, “Sir, sir, sir You are you .. best version ever!” with several emojis. Both Swara and Prakash Raj often make news with their tweets and replies to social media trolls.

A few days ago, Swara Bhasker who will be next seen in her upcoming film Jahaan Chaar Yaar, replied to a Twitter user, who mocked her movie. The user, Amit Kumar, wrote, “Waiting eagerly for the movie to hit the theatres.” Responding to him, Swara commented, “Thank you (sparkles and hug emojis).” Minutes later, the user added, “You’re welcome, actually construction work going on in my apartment so not able to find a quiet place to sleep, what could be quieter than theatre during your movie!”

“Haha! Glad to have given you a chance to land your much practised and rehearsed joke. Now go show off to your boyz that I replied,” the actor said to him. Talking about trolls, the actor told Hindustan Times in 2017, “I used to get annoyed and upset earlier when people would react in an aggressive way on social media but now I am fine with it. I know that those who don’t have answers to my questions or a counter argument to my logic, resort to vicious abuse. It’s also a good reminder of how polarised our society has become.”

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