Pradhan shot, injured for opposing kite flying: attackers tore police uniform, ran away on arrival of CO, one arrested

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injured chief Gaurav Tomar

When opposing kite flying in Baraut, the miscreants shot at Pradhan. In the firing, the bullet went out touching his head. Because of which he got injured. The police, who reached the information, were also attacked by the domineering youths and tore the uniforms of two police personnel.

On getting information about the incident, the CO and the Inspector reached the spot along with the police force, when the attackers escaped from there, but a young man was caught by the police. At present, the injured village head has been referred from CHC to Meerut. At the same time, in view of the tense situation in the village, police force is deployed.

attacked against kite flying
According to the information, the injured Gaurav Tomar son Sohanveer age 35 is a resident of Baoli village and is also the head at present. Late on Friday evening, Pradhan had gone to Amarpal’s house in the village itself to find out the address of the ailing person. During this, on the information of a dispute regarding kite flying in Amarpal’s neighborhood, when Pradhan Gaurav went to resolve the dispute, four or five domineering youths attacked the head.

Dabangs also attacked the police
During the fight, a young man opened fire on the head. The bullet went out touching the head of the head. The chief was injured due to shrapnel. When police personnel Rajan and Mohit reached the spot on information, it is alleged that they were also attacked by the dacoits. In which his uniform was torn during the scuffle.

On information, CO Yuvraj Singh and Inspector Devesh Kumar Sharma reached the spot along with the police force and admitted the injured to the CHC. From where Pradhan has been referred to Meerut.

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