Politics intensified regarding Garba ground in Jhabua: When committee accused MLA Bhuria, Bhuria also retaliated

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The politics of Garba Ground situated at Rajgarh Naka of Jhabua is increasing day by day. Navdurga Organizing Committee has accused Congress MLA Kantilal Bhuria of religious discrimination. The Navdurga committee said that the MLAs give money to the graveyard and the church. But Hindus attack the faith, where they do programs, they get them removed.

On the allegations of the committee, Kantilal Bhuria said that in the Congress government, Rs 1 crore was released for the temples of Jhabua assembly, how much did the BJP government tell. Development works are not done by seeing the crematoriums and graveyards. Wherever development work is needed, it is done there. Bhuria said that now no one is giving donations to those collecting donations in the name of religious events, so they are making excuses by making such allegations, but the public knows everything.

Actually, new developments are coming out every day regarding Garba Ground in Rajgarh Naka of the city. Garba Ground was handed over to PHE. The committee, which has been doing garba for years, had announced this time. That unless the Garba Ground is declared for public use, there will be no Garba. It is alleged that in the 15-month-old Kamal Nath government, where Garba used to take place, injuring Hindu faith, it was evacuated and handed over to the PHE department.

Bhuria accused the organizing committee

On the other hand, Bhuria said that the event can still be held on the ground. No one has any objection to the Garba event, but those who have the intention of capturing are adopting such tactics.

Politics intensified on this whole issue and now new rhetoric is taking place every day between Congress MLA Bhuria and Navdurga Committee regarding the Garba event. At present, the decision of the committee is that they will not organize until the ground is made for public purpose.

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