Police found missing minor in Mainpuri: The video of dancing wearing a black sari went viral, the family members did not like it

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A video of a girl dancing in a black sari in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh went viral. After the video went viral, the girl left the house after getting angry with the family members. Whom the police recovered safely and handed over to his family members after conducting his medical examination.

The matter is related to Lalpur village of Dannahar police station area. Rakesh Kumar, a resident of Jahan, had informed the police about the disappearance of his 16-year-old daughter Akanksha on her way to school from home without informing her. Rakesh Kumar had told that his daughter had left home to go to school in the morning but till late evening she did not reach school nor home. Tried a lot to find him, but he was not found, the police started investigating the matter seriously after registering a case on the father’s Tahrir, which was recovered safely till late evening.

Dance became famous on social media

Akanksha came into limelight after a video of her dancing at her friend’s house wearing a black sari went viral. Akanksha’s video became the choice of millions of people overnight. People were discussing his dance by liking and sharing his viral video. The viral video itself became the reason for Akanksha’s disappearance.

Father mourning after being reported missing.

Father mourning after being reported missing.

The people of the house do not like dancing and singing

After being recovered by the police after the disappearance, Akanksha told that she loves to dance and sing but the family members are not worried about her. His family members do not like to dance. After the video went viral, there was a fight in the house. Because of this fear she left the house.

Akanksha danced in a black sari.

Akanksha danced in a black sari.

The news of death went viral on social media

The news of the death of the girl who went viral with the dance wearing a black sari was becoming viral on social media, people were confirming her death by putting different types of photos. People were saying that the girl who danced wearing a black sari has died. But she did not die, she was angry and disappeared from the house. His missing report was lodged by his father.

Police searched on the basis of Tahrir

On the matter, Superintendent of Police Kamlesh Dixit told that a minor girl from Jandaha police station area had left the house to go to school, but she did not reach the school, based on the complaint of her family members, a case was registered against unknown persons by registering a case against them. has been recovered. A video of him told by the minor went viral on social media due to which he was scolded by the family members. Due to which she had left the house and medical tax is being sent to the court to record her statement, legal action is being taken.

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