Police action limited to filing the form: In two and a half years, 32 servants stole 89 lakh cash and 2.10 crore jewelry from the houses of 27 businessmen

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The process of committing crimes by the servants continues, which is not taking the name of stopping.

The process of committing crimes by the servants continues, which is not taking the name of stopping. But in this, big questions arise on the investigation of the police. This is the reason why the servants accused of these thefts of lakhs of rupees are not traced. Due to which the aggrieved parties get upset by cutting rounds of the police stations waiting for recovery.

Talking about the figures, in the last two and a half years, 32 domestic servants stole 89 lakh cash and 2.10 crore gold from the houses of 27 businessmen. But the surprising thing is that even only 5 percent of these cases could not be traced. The police nominated them and despite having their addresses, the police could not arrest them. Because the police continued to do the investigation in those cases on the old pattern and people are waiting for justice, because the police say that the search is on.

Police says that the search is on, the crime is being executed in only two ways
Whenever the complaint is given to the police by the aggrieved party, in the said case, it first scrutinizes the CCTV and collects the family records of the servants. After registering the form on the first day, the investigation is done rapidly for two days. But then the matter is immediately put on hold. Whereas the police have to first alert by sending a team to the Nepal border, so that they can be nabbed on the Nepal border itself. Because in 95 percent of the cases, the accused have fled to Nepal. But this procedure is followed by the police when the accused cross the border. As a result neither the thief nor the goods are found.

Investigation revealed… only one gang is operating the network
After the investigation done in the previous cases, it has been found that there is only one gang in Nepal, which is operating this network. Because every time the perpetrators adopt only two methods. In which the first servant gives the owner and the family intoxicants in the food, after which they call their 4 companions and carry out the crime.

In another way, the domestic servant goes to his village and before leaving, the person he knows is hired. A few days later, when the same servant goes out of the family, he executes the crime from behind. When the old servant is contacted, he also does not get to know and neither does he return to the job again.

This incident happened: 100 tola of gold was stolen from the businessman’s house in Moti Nagar

  • Servant stole jewelery and cash from the house of Laxmi Pump owner in Rajguru Nagar
  • A female maid stole 100 tola of gold and 9 lakh cash from the house of a cloth merchant in Moti Nagar.
  • Stole 80 tolas of gold and 24 lakh cash from the house of a hosiery trader in Badewal area

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