Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment: What is it and how does it work for hair?

Hair concerns are stressful and exhausting as there is never an end to hair problems where hair fall, slow hair growth and thinning of hair are just few issues which always top the list. We never stop looking for solutions to increase hair growth, make hair thicker and to stop the hair loss and while there is a long list of treatments available at salons and clinics, including spas, keratin/protein treatments, invasive hair treatments etc, how many of these are actually effective and worth our money?

The treatment which is most recommended and preferred by dermatologists and loved by customers is the Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Priya Puja, MD ( Dermatology), MRCP (SCE), Head Medical Advisor at Kaya North and East, explained, “PRP stands for Platelet rich plasma. First let us understand what Plasma is. Blood constitutes of plasma and cells. Plasma is the amber-colored liquid content of blood in which the RBC, WBC and platelets are suspended. So, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is plasma which has only platelets in higher concentration than blood. PRP is used for a wide range of concerns requiring tissue healing and rejuvenation.”

Highlighting that hair loss can be due to multiple factors like nutritional deficiency, hormonal and genetic factors to name the chief causes, she revealed, “Due to the impact of these there is reduced blood supply to the hair root, shortening of anagen phase of hair cycle which is the growing phase of hair and activation of cellular pathways which ultimately leads to increase in hair fall, thinning of the hair and baldness. Platelet rich plasma contains concentrated bioproteins called growth factors which forms a pivotal role in the natural healing process and cellular regeneration. The platelets when activated release growth factors from the alpha granules which activates stem cells present in the hair follicles leading to new hair regrowth and increases blood supply to the hair root.”

Dr Priya Puja suggested, “PRP sessions should be given monthly for a minimum of 3-6 sessions and thereafter maintenance treatment can be given once in 3 months. The key benefits of PRP therapy for hair includes hair fall control along with an increase in density and thickness of hair follicles.” Bringing his expertise to the same, Vipin Sharma, Senior Product and Research Manager at Fixderma India Pvt Ltd, shared, “PRP is platelets rich plasma. It is drawn from one’s blood and injected into the scalp. This work towards healing of hair follicles from which hair grows. Studies have shown that this treatment does help in increasing the count of hair follicles which in turn can support healthy hair. A comparative experiment was also done in 2019 to figure out which results in better hair growth; minoxidil or PRP and PRP emerged as a clear winner.”

Asserting that this treatment isn’t for everyone, he advised, “One has to consult a dermatologist and get the necessary tests done to confirm the eligibility. Also, this treatment requires time and patience as the results do not show in one sitting. So, if you are considering PRP treatment then time for you to consult your dermatologist and try it out.”

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