PIC meeting may be held in Chhatarpur today: Councilors are trying to enter PIC, becoming chairman is most important

Chhatarpur44 minutes ago

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There may be a meeting of Municipality PIC in Chhatarpur today in which a chairman is nominated among 7 members. After the election of the chairman in Chhatarpur Municipal Council, speculations are now being made about the meeting of the PIC. If sources are to be believed, this meeting can be possible today.

Let us inform that after the meeting of the PIC, a chairman is elected from the team of 7 member councilors. Which supervises the various functions of the municipality. Therefore, from today the meeting of PIC is reflected as an important character. It is considered important to become the PIC chairman in the meeting of the PIC for the development of the Nagar Palika Parishad city. It is believed that all kinds of gimmicks are being used to become a member of the very important PIC. Due to which there is an internal struggle and uproar over the party label to become a PIC member.


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