Petrol Diesel Rate: Crude oil crosses $ 101, will the rate of petrol and diesel increase in the country, check

Petrol Diesel Rate: Once again, the prospects of petrol and diesel becoming expensive in the country have started appearing because the prices of crude oil are on a boil in the international market. Crude oil has crossed $ 100 per barrel and Brent has even gone above $ 101. However, for the 95th consecutive day in the country, oil marketing companies have not made any cut in the price of petrol and diesel and they have remained the same since May 22.

what is the price of crude oil today
Crude oil had crossed $ 100 yesterday and today it is seeing an increase again. WTI crude is at $ 95.60 per barrel, while Brent crude remains at $ 101.97 per barrel.

Fuel rates in four major metros of the country

Delhi Petrol Rs 96.72 per liter and diesel Rs 89.62 per liter
Mumbai Petrol Rs 106.31 per liter and diesel Rs 94.27 per liter
Chennai Petrol Rs 102.63 and Diesel Rs 94.24 per liter
Kolkata Petrol Rs 106.03 and Diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Latest rates of petrol and diesel in major cities of UP

Ghaziabad- Petrol Rs 96.58 and Diesel Rs 89.75 per liter
Noida- Petrol Rs 96.76 and Diesel Rs 89.93 per liter
Agra- Petrol Rs 96.48 and Diesel Rs 89.64 per liter
Lucknow- Petrol Rs 96.57 and Diesel Rs 89.76 per liter
Gorakhpur- Petrol Rs 96.88 and Diesel Rs 90.06 per liter
Meerut- Petrol Rs 96.31 and Diesel Rs 89.49 per liter
Varanasi- Petrol Rs 96.61 and Diesel Rs 89.81 per liter
Prayagraj- Petrol Rs 97.47 and Diesel Rs 90.65 per liter

Petrol and diesel rates in major cities of Punjab

Chandigarh Petrol Rs 96.20, Diesel Rs 84.26 per liter
Amritsar Petrol Rs 96.84 per liter, Diesel Rs 87.19 per liter
Jalandhar Petrol Rs 96.06 per liter, Diesel Rs 86.44 per liter
Ludhiana Petrol Rs 96.81 per liter, Diesel Rs 87.15 per liter

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