People of Northeast India will eat wheat of Bundelkhand: 6th rank of this month 2600 tonnes will be loaded, wheat will go out of the district by 50 goods train

Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh)10 minutes ago

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Wheat purchased on support price of last year kept in government godowns in Chhatarpur district is being sent to the northeastern states of the country. Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, other North Eastern states are being sent to fulfill the distribution in PDS.

Under the supervision of Food Corporation of India, 26 hundred tonnes of wheat is to be supplied from the district by train from Harpalpur station. Right now, at the end of August, the sixth rank of wheat will be loaded on Wednesday. This time due to low yield of wheat in the district, the procurement of wheat on support price fell short of the target. Wheat was exported abroad directly from the traders in the agricultural produce markets without coming to the procurement centers.

500 to 700 hammals got employment
Actually, wheat is being lifted from the government godowns from the rank point of Harpalpur railway station and loaded into the goods train through hammals at the rank point. 20 to 30 trucks are arriving by the transport contractor to transport wheat from the godowns. The work of loading the goods train is being done from morning till late night. From this, 500 to 700 Hammals are getting employment.

50 goods trains will take wheat from here
Wheat loading started as soon as the goods train started at the rank point of the station. This is loading the first rank. Around 50 goods trains will carry wheat from the rank point of Harpalpur railway station. Civil Supplies Corporation officials said that on the demand of the Government of India, this wheat is sent from the warehouses of the district under the supervision of the Fertilizer Corporation of India.

Wheat is also sent to Bangladesh
This wheat will be distributed to the residents there from the ration shops of PDS. Officials of the Food Corporation of India said that five ranks have been loaded in the beginning, the sixth rank will be loaded on Wednesday, while there is a demand for half a dozen ranks. The wheat here is sent to Jharkhand, Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Bangladesh among other states.

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