People doing police work in Jalandhar: 5 youths caught stealing in Chowgitti and Avtar Nagar were beaten up, five addicted to drugs

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Thieves are being caught continuously in Jalandhar city of Punjab, but these thieves are not being caught by the police, but by the people themselves. People are now doing the work that the police should do. At two different places, Chowgitti and Avtar Nagar, people caught 4 thieves red handed stealing. The four arrested thieves are addicted to drugs. If someone drinks charas and chitta, then there are marks of intoxication on someone’s nerves. All the thieves have been handed over to the police.
Three theft accused caught in Chaugithi

Three theft accused caught in Chaugithi

4 youths caught stealing iron goods

The thieves caught in Chowgitti are residents of Chowgitti and the adjoining Madrasi Mohalla Qazi Mandi. These people stole iron articles by breaking the shutters from a tent shop. After this, when all the goods were going to be sold by putting them in the auto, then the tent owner and his associates caught them. When the three thieves were caught, they started accusing each other that they did the theft, not me. He only drives auto.

The second started saying that he does the work of junk, the theft was done by the third person. In the meantime, the thieves also believed that the DJ’s belongings that had been stolen in Ramamandi in the past, were also stolen by him. All the three thieves caught are addicted to drugs. The trio admitted that he used to take drugs first and then used to carry out the theft. This time, he drank a drink of liquor from the contract and only then stole it.

Mohalla residents gathered in Avatar Nagar

Mohalla residents gathered in Avatar Nagar

A mobile thief was also caught

People caught a mobile thief in Avtar Nagar. The mobile thief told that he is a resident of Santokhpura. He had reached from one corner of the city to another to steal. A migrant laborer was sleeping in his room in Avtar Nagar when the thief entered his room and tried to open the mobile on charging. Meanwhile, the mobile phone rang. The migrant laborer caught him there.

After this the Mohalla gathered in Avatar Nagar. When asked the thief, he said that the mobile bell was ringing and he was picking up the migrant laborer. People asked him whether you knew him, then the thief said or not. The thief clarified that he had been evicted by the family members, so had come to take a room on rent. The thief was completely drunk. He himself admitted that he was addicted to charas. Steals for drugs.

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