Pantry car manager missing with Rs 6 lakh…: Mangla Express’s pantry car had two rounds, complaint lodged in Gwalior GRP

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  • This Money Was For Two Rounds In The Pantry Car Of Mangala Express, Complaint Lodged In Gwalior GRP

Gwalior2 hours ago

  • – Pantrycar manager was in Mangala Express for two years

A complaint has been received against the pantrycar manager of Mangla Express in GRP police station Gwalior for being champat with 6 lakh rupees. The pantrycar manager collected this amount of two rounds of Mangala Express and disappeared at Gwalior station. Naushad Alam, the Supervisor Manager of Petrikar Contractor, has given a written complaint about this matter to GRP police station after coming from Delhi to Gwalior last day.

The GRP has started investigation in this matter with the instructions from the yard manager to submit the documents related to the pantry manager as well as his salary related papers. Also, when he questioned his family members living in Gwalior, the manager and his brother were found missing from the house.
According to information received from GRP police station of Gwalior, Dipendra Singh Parmar, a resident of four city Naka, was working as a manager in Yard Manager Kitchen Pvt Ltd, Rohini Delhi, a Delhi-based firm operating the pantry car of Mangla Express for two years. A day before that firm’s Supervisor Naushad Alam reached the Gwalior GRP police station and told that Deependra, a pantry car manager living in Gwalior, had disappeared after landing at Gwalior station with a sale amount of six lakh rupees. Naushad Alam told GRP that along with Dipendra, the posted assistant manager Manoj Potdar had told about Dipendra and his brother Shailendra Parmar, who had come to meet him on the train in Gwalior, on mobile with cash. Naushad told GRP that after that he also called on Dipendra’s mobile several times but his mobile is getting switched off continuously. After reaching Dipendra’s house and taking information about him and his brother from the family, it came to know that both were missing from the house.
GRP says
GRP officers probing the complaint said that the Supervisor of Yard Manager Kitchen Pvt Ltd, Rohini, Delhi, a firm operating pantry car in Mangala Express, has filed a complaint against the PantryManager for missing out on the sale amount of Rs 6 lakh. After examining which the sales related documents have also been sought from the firm operator.

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